Seven Reasons To Choose LEDs

Seven Reasons To Choose LEDs

Whether it is inbouw LED spots keuken in the kitchen or badkamer LED spots in the bathroom, LED spots of all stripes and types are becoming gradually more popular among homeowners. But More »


Seven Reasons To Choose LEDs

Whether it is inbouw LED spots keuken in the kitchen or badkamer LED spots in the bathroom, LED spots of all stripes and types are becoming gradually more popular among homeowners.

But what are the advantages to choosing inbouwspotjes LED over the equivalent incandescent, or even halogen options?

By heeding these tips, you can see what the savings might be for installing LED inbouwspots or even some LED inbouwspots badkamer, instead of your current lighting arrangement.


A typical inbouw lampen LED converts 80% of the energy straight into light.

Compared to an incandescent bulb, which only converts 20% of the electricity into light – the rest all goes on heat – this is a tantalising statistic!

Using a dimmer switch will reduce the energy consumption yet further. But do ensure that you purchase special badkamer spots led dimbaar (these are bathroom spots LED dimmable) and the matching dimmer switch to go with them, though.



The knock-on effect of LEDs like LED inbouw spots using less energy is that they, of course, cost a lot less to run.

Did you know that lighting accounts for approximately 40% of electricity bills?

This is a statistic that could shrink rapidly by switching to inbouw LED spotjes.

Your electricity bills could fall to a fraction of what they are now – around about ten percent of the running costs for incandescent or halogen bulbs.


It is not only the cost of the energy that makes LEDs cheaper to run.

A typical inbouwspotjes LED or LED spot will also outlive even a halogen bulb, by a long and impressive way!

Whereas a 50 watt halogen light bulb may last for around 2000 hours, its 5 watt LED equivalent can power on for 24000 hours. And this might well be the conservative estimate.

Many LEDs, like the LED spotjes badkamer, may even last longer – 35000-50000 hours is not unheard of!

We estimate that even if you never turn your LED inbouwspots off they should last for six years CONTINUOUSLY. Whereas your poor, tired out halogen bulb will burn out (literally) after about 83 days of being permanently switched on.


There had historically been problems with using LEDs, such as inbouw LED spotjes with a dimmer switch.

Nowadays, we are happy to report that there are far fewer problems in this direction.

This is as long as you purchase the correct correlating dimmer switch to go with your LEDs.

By turning down the lights, you can save yet more money with your LED inbouwspots.


Unlike some other types of bulb, all LEDs are environmentally friendly and will not contribute to your overall carbon footprint.

There are no toxic components in any LED bulb, including the badkamer spotjes and they can be recycled fairly easily.


One of the things that makes LED lighting so very versatile is that they can withstand extremes of temperature.

This is why, traditionally, they have been used in fridges (and still are).

Being able to tolerate extremes in heat, cold, as well as damp conditions, makes them great in the outdoors.

LEDs, likewise, make very good exterior security lights. Because they can run off a low voltage, they can also be used as garden lights, with only a battery to power them.

Finally, it is not all just security that LEDs can be used for in the garden – they also make the place look pretty.

LED strips hanging in trees or along the sides of houses can decorate your home – especially at Christmas!


It is not just the outside of your home where LEDs can be used to beautify. Inside, LED strips can run along the stairs, to emphasise and illuminate them.

They can be made to light up the skirting boards and even the undersides of beds – making them perfect for children’s rooms at nights.

Finally, for a touch of fun – what about installing an LED inside the toilet unit itself?

These may be multi coloured and flashing and can offer a real sensory experience for the smallest room.

Motion activated, these will come on when you stumble into the bathroom at 3 am and don’t want to stub your toe on the toilet bowl!

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